Learn to use Macros By joining Microsoft Excel Course

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When it comes to data management, Microsoft Excel offers a multitude of useful functions, formulas and features for quick yet flawless data handling. Even for professionals, the opportunities to discover new ways of optimizing their use of Microsoft Excel are plentiful. For example- the recording of Macros is a technique that was discovered somewhere along the lines for better convenience.

Macro recording can seem like an overly complicated task. However, when done right, business owners can stand to greatly benefit from it since it can essentially automate a whole variety of tasks. Interested users with a passion for implementing and finding out how they can best optimize the use of their Excel software are highly recommended to sign up for Microsoft Excel Training.

Here at MOCD Courses Studio Singapore, course participants are able to gain more out of our specially created learning level based Microsoft Excel training courses without having to run the risk of signing up and sitting through topics they are already familiar with.

As of the moment, we are offering courses for beginners, intermediate learners as well as advanced learners. All our Microsoft Excel training courses are SkillsFuture Approved and PIC claimable so eligible corporations can seek for further price reductions! To fully benefit from all that we have to offer, interested participants can also choose to sign up for our training course bundle packages.

Some of what we cover in our Microsoft Excel Training Courses include:

  1. Interface Navigation
  2. Spreadsheet Basics
  3. Formula and Function Management
  4. Analysis and Formatting
  5. Printing Techniques
  6. Reports, Tables and Charts
  7. Macro Creating
  8. Documentation and Auditing in Excel

Apart from theory, our Microsoft Excel Training also includes hands on practise so that participants are able to familiarise themselves with the steps. This will also essentially enable them to develop a better gauging ability on how each different formula and technique can be applied to similar business processes in their daily work.



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